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Outsourcing Your Marketing 

The Restaurant Marketing Department helps restaurants and restaurant groups enjoy all the advantages of a dedicated Marketing Department without the complications associated with hiring additional staff. Our team provides you with a complete operational analysis of your restaurant that identifies areas for improvement. We also provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan that includes social media marketing management.

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Every Element of Your Operation

Your restaurant features several elements that must work together in order to help you succeed. Our consulting process begins with a complete analysis that includes labor and food costs, and your menu. We prepare a report that suggests ways your restaurant could improve. This includes having a chef work with you in developing a new selection of offerings. 

Increasing Your Visibility

Even with a smooth operation and the best food in your area, a restaurant can't become a success without hungry customers. Reaching your target audience is crucial, and the marketing consultants on our team help you create an identity. They will introduce you to the patrons that your food was meant for through a marketing campaign that establishes your brand. No matter how large or small your operation is, we have the resources to manage your outreach to the people in your market.

An All-Encompassing Approach

When you work with The Restaurant Marketing Department, you get a creative director that helps you create that all important menu design. And all your in restaurant promotional items like posters, lobby banners, exterior banners, table tents, window clings and more. And our printing partner will easily bid less than your printing source. Our team will develop the right media plan for both traditional and social media and supply reports that will show how your doing in the digital space like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram. and any new platforms that may affect your business.